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Hello! I am Soren Coughlin-Glaser, the photographer at Coughlin-Glaser Photography.

I got started working in professional photography in Portland in 1996, working as a photographers assistant in my spare time while working as a Chemist after receiving a Masters in Chemistry from Oregon State University.  I had previously studied art and painting at Hampshire College in Amherst Massachusetts, where I got my BA.  While I loved chemistry in school, I knew I needed a more creative occupation and photography was the perfect blend of artistic creativity and science for me.  Of course at the time all photography was film based, so that’s how I learned professional photography, but I was an early adopter of digital photography, almost completely abandoning film in 2000.

The technical and artistic challenges posed to me by my clients is what makes being a photographer work for me. Working with the client to capture images of people places or things to fulfill their needs is what keeps it fresh and interesting. Every shoot has a challenge, and every shoot is different which keeps me intellectually involved and interested. 

I strive to work in a relaxed but professional manner that builds confidence in my subjects (and clients). I believe that this is one of the most important pieces of the professional photography puzzle.

Besides Buildings, Portraits, Events and Products I enjoy experimental lenses such as the Lensbaby (which is made right here in Portland Oregon) Shooting landscapes on my outdoor adventures and simply creating beautiful images of everyday moments. These personal projects help me keep creative which spill over into my commercial work. See my Art Gallery for more images from my personal collection.

I also manufacture and rent photo booths and karaoke machines.  Feel free to call or text me anytime about my services (503) 515-2880 or use our CONTACT form.


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